Well out of my comfort zone with this one as I normally paint using soft pastels. However, when asked to do a Bearded Dragon called ‘Puff’ as a Christmas present, I decided that watercolour would suit this better using a slightly looser style to my norm.

Using140 lbs watercolour paper I built Puffs’ main color with a few washes. Some of the main detail and darker areas were drawn with a 0.5 mm pen then using Stabilo 0.4 mm colouring pens to add further detail and colour.

I needed to get a good contrast to Puffs’ orange and yellow colouring and after testing various watercolour paints, decided that ‘Aquacryl’ would give the required effect. They have a wonderful vibrant colour when used undiluted and a slight sheen when dry.

It was certainly a challenge and I am looking forward to using this technique again for my next dragon .

watercolour bearded dragon

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